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Hosted Cloud Phone Service

Accelerate Your Business Communication and Productivity

VoiceSpring offers the lowest rates on cloud phone service and hosted VoIP phones for companies of all sizes. Our one-of-a-kind Quality of Service (QoS) model and straight-forward price structure make us one of the top hosted PBX providers nationwide. Equip your business with a top tier cloud based phone system and hosted service for as low as $15.95/user, including:

  • Dedicated hosted voice connection
  • All system features and capabilities
  • Unlimited support, training and maintenance
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Comprehensive Hosted Cloud Phone Service

Hosted Cloud PBX is designed to make work easier for everyone. That means leadership and employees from small businesses and large multi-site enterprises in connected industries nationwide. Yes, that's you. Here are a few ways VoiceSpring can benefit your company:

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Truly All-Inclusive

All the features, service, support, training, maintenance, security updates, software upgrades and more, conveniently included with each hosted seat.

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Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Maximized uptime, redundant cloud architecture and intuitive call rerouting ensure your business continues to receive calls if a service outage occurs.

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Seamless Transition

Quick and easy installation with free number porting. Cloud phones are pre-programmed to your specifications, so all you have to do is plug them in when they arrive.

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Zero Capital Investment

Save your capital for other projects when you take advantage of our affordable leasing options on hosted VoIP phones and accessories.

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Efficient Scalability

Dynamic service agreements allow you to scale business phone service up or down, with a fair billing adjustment to match.

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Unlimited Calling

No cap on local and long distance calls throughout the US and Canada with low international rates for those who need it.

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No Ongoing Software & Maintenance Contracts

What you see is what you get. All licensing and upgrades are covered in your monthly seat price. No unexpected charges here!

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Outstanding Quality of Service

Premium HD Voice for crystal clear audio without latency or jitter, so you experience the highest level of clarity on every call.

Unlimited Access to Our Full Suite of Business Phone System Features

Gain unlimited access to all phone system features when you sign up for hosted cloud phone service with VoiceSpring! From top-level automation to customization for individual users, you choose which features you want to use. Keep the rest on the back-burner and request reprogramming any time.

  • Auto Attendant
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Custom Hold Music & Recordings
  • Online User Portal
  • Cell Phone Integration
  • Email Notifications
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Night Mode
  • Conference Scheduling
  • Call Coaching Tools
  • Call Recording Database

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