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Subscription Based SIP Service Provider

Unlock In-House SIP Service Capabilities

Discover a convenient, internal IP PBX management solution. If your company already uses managed IT services, an on-site SIP trunk solution may be a better fit. VoiceSpring’s premium SIP service subscriptions allows your IT professional to manage your PBX system in the office. This a great option for companies of any size. However, we require your appointed IT provider be certified on your company’s IP PBX system.

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Leading SIP Trunk Provider for Self-Service Cloud PBX

VoiceSpring's SIP trunking licenses are the ideal SIP PBX solution for system-certified IT experts looking to manage an existing PBX system on-site.

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Cloud Based

Connect your existing SIP-enabled PBX system to our secure cloud servers.

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Appoint your own system certified IT provider or employee to manage your system.

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Secure & Reliable

Redundant server infrastructure with a minimum 99.25% uptime.

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Cost Effective

Decrease your company's telecommunication expenses with no capital investment or additional on-site equipment.

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Learn About SIP Trunk Service

What Does SIP Mean?

SIP is an acronym, short for Session Initiation Protocol. It is the standard VoIP protocol used to connect, transmit and end a voice call. SIP makes it possible for two phones to “speak” to each other by providing a common set of rules, so voice “packets” can be exchanged and handled correctly over an IP network. For more details, we encourage you to read the Wikipedia article on SIP.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is a type of VoIP service. It allows a business to connect a VoIP PBX phone system, or private branch exchange, to PSTN, also known as the public switched telephone network.

What Does a SIP Service Provider Do?

To use SIP service, a business needs a SIP trunk to connect to PSTN. Most SIP service providers offer hosted SIP service, such as VoiceSpring’s cloud hosted business phone systems. However, some VoIP providers also provide stand-alone licenses, or SIP service subscriptions.

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