• Hosted Phone Service is providing your business phone service and features hosted in the cloud that bundles everything you would ever want in a phone service. VoiceSpring offers packages based on the overall needs of your business. Here are a few of the benefits of hosted phone service

    • Unlimited Local and Long Distance in the U.S and Canada
    • No equipment to buy
    • No Capital Investment
    • No Software (includes all future updates)
    • No Maintenance Contracts
    • Unlimited Local Support and Warranty
    • Never becomes obsolete

    ** All Features Included in Hosted Phone Service from VoiceSpring**


    Having the best Hosted Phone Services is a good idea for every small to medium-sized business. As your hosted phone service provider, VoiceSpring will “host,” or operate, your telephone system. We’ll help you to integrate your landlines, mobile phones and VoIP services all in one go. You don’t have to purchase any extra hardware.

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    Hosted Phone Services allow your employees to work from home, a hotel or on their cell phones, while maintaining a connection to the same telephone system at the office. This is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses because it lets you have the sophistication of VoIP technology without having to invest in the telephone equipment. Just as with any trusted telephone system, you can perform several functions necessary to your business’ communications:

    • Setting up conference calls
    • Having phone calls answered by an automated message
    • Putting callers on hold with music
    • Transferring callers
    • Showing caller ID
    • And much more!


    What’s the process?

    1.) Pick your number.

    First decide whether you’d like to keep your old number or add a local toll-free or international number. This varies business to business based on the market you’re trying to reach or accommodate. Once you decide the number, you can add an automated message for customers to direct them as needed.

    2.) Assign extensions.

    Now decide the number of extensions appropriate for your company and assign them to your coworkers or employees. Here’s the fun part:

    Let’s say you assigned your employee Jim, who lives halfway across the United States, to extension 334. Jim has a cell phone and is often on the move, as is common with many small to medium-sized businesses.

    Jim will go online and register his current phone number with our Hosted Phone Service so that customer calls dialed with extension 334 will reroute to his phone. That way, he can keep his cell number; you can have a centralized system at the office for customers; and no one has to spend money on new equipment.

    3.) Count your savings.

    You’ll be happy you switched when you see how much less you’re paying in telecommunications with our Hosted Phone Service compared to your old system.

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