• Hosting & Trunking Phone Service:


    With trunking technology, VoiceSpring delivers phone service across and in conjunction with current phone equipment and lines. When a business has newer telecommunications equipment that has not been fully utilized and you are not ready for a new hosted system, using VoiceSpring to eliminate incumbent phone lines may be a viable and financially beneficial solution.

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    Snom Award-Winning Phone Equipment

    VoiceSpring is the central Illinois Snom partner. We employ Snom equipment for all of our installations because of its award-winning engineering and its flexibility.

    Recognized for its high-quality, customizable and cost-effective business phones, Snom is also differentiated by its dedication to high security standards.

    • All of Snom’s products are designed to be fully interoperable with leading communications equipment vendors;
    • Snom customers and partners benefit from the interoperability and flexibility that Snom telephones offer;
    • Snom phone equipment offers plug-and-play integration and universal compatibility with standards-based SIP VoIP platforms, applications or services;
    • In September 2011, the Snom 300 and Snom 821 became the first and only SIP phones to achieve “Qualified for Microsoft Lync” status – Microsoft’s top distinction for fully tested interoperability and compatibility with Microsoft Lync;
    • And, Snom’s leadership continues today, based on its six-phone UC edition portfolio – the industry’s largest and most extensive family of standards-based business phones qualified for Microsoft Lync enterprise environments.

    As an early champion and pioneer in the field, Snom recognized the essential role that unified communications would play across a variety of platforms and devices that have now become part of our daily lives.

    Seamlessly fitting into a broad range of top solution providers, Snom phones can be critical devices in any new phone system deployment thanks to its excellent compatibility and rigorous interoperability testing.

    Whatever solution you implement with VoiceSpring, you can trust that Snom phone equipment will help us make it even more effective