What Are Hosted VoIP Phone Systems?

Hosted VoIP phone systems, also known as hosted PBX, provide the functionality of traditional phone systems without the need to purchase expensive equipment, such as servers. Instead, your office phone system is hosted by a VoIP service provider. First, your calls are received by our hosted servers. Then, the calls are routed according to your needs. This flexibility saves your company money on equipment and telephone service.

What Virtual Phone Systems Can Do For Your Business

Grow and Change at Your Own Pace

Moving is a walk in the park. Whether your business is moving or you are just moving to a new desk, the process is much simpler. Since most hosted VoIP phone systems are plug and play, it is much easier to move phones to a new location.

Add and remove phones as you need them. Cloud hosted business phone systems are fast and easy to scale, meaning you can add or decrease service as your needs evolve.

Eliminate Equipment Costs

All you need is a VoIP telephone. There is no PBX system (server) or equipment to purchase. This can save your company thousands of dollars in communications costs. Monthly costs to maintain a standard phone system can cost you as much as your total fees for hosted service, too.

Fire Your Phone Company

VoIP phones plug into your internal network, using your internet connection to send and receive calls. This allows you to completely transition from outdated and overpriced telephone service providers. Then, hosted VoIP phone systems can save even more money with low cost, flat rate calling.

Save A Customer – Save Your Business

When comparing true hosted VoIP phone systems to cable or phone company services, it all boils down to saving a customer.

Call recording can save your customers and grow your business.

Few companies can afford to lose business. However, that is exactly what happens when calls are handled poorly. Call coaching tools, such as listen-in, barge-in and recording ensure all sales and service calls are handled properly 100% of the time. VoiceSpring call logs are easily accessed by an account admin. Then, they can be played online or downloaded and stored.

Integration can save a sale.

We can route calls anywhere, so when your customer is ready, they can reach you in a single phone call. This allows mobility using one phone number. How many customers bother to call a separate cell number for a sales call? These are known as “find me” or “follow me” services. We can also connect your systems to allow access to calls from all your locations.

Reliability is important to customers, too.

If your premise based phone system goes down, you could lose hours of calls. Hosted VoIP phone systems are housed in separate facilities with backup power, air, and security to keep your system up and running if disaster strikes. Your calls can be rerouted if your local internet service goes down, so your customers will have no idea your cloud PBX system was down.

Office Phone Systems for Small Business

Whether you run a home based business or are simply working from home, hosted VoIP systems are a valuable tool.

Small Office Phone Systems

A good VoIP company can benefit a small business as much as a large multi site business.

Home Based Business Phones

A hosted phone service is perfect for single employee and home based businesses. They allow you to take calls in a professional way and save your business money, which is a win-win.

Home Office Phones

Stay connected to the office while working from home. If you choose to add a VoIP phone at home, you can use the same features, settings and connectivity as your office phone. This is a useful tool for sales people or on call support staff.

Choosing a Hosted VoIP Phone System Provider

Not all business VoIP providers are created equal. VoIP solutions should save you money and improve the way your company communicates, but there is more to consider as well. These things may be important to you when making your decision:


VoIP is still a relatively new industry. The length of time a company has been around can impact the quality of their products and service. A great business gets that way over time, often with some trial and error. As with all technology, it’s better to let someone else work out the kinks, especially when it’s your business on the line.

Price and Value

Though they may be similar, the two are not the same. Before you seek a business VoIP provider, it may help to decide which one takes priority. Do you want the lowest price or the best bang for your buck?


Of course, nothing else matters if your new system doesn’t work well. Service stats like uptime and call clarity can affect both your customers and staff. Customer reviews are a great way to assess the type of service you will get once the shine of a new prospect wears off.

Local and Long Distance Calling

Generally included free of charge. International rates are usually much less as well.

VoIP System Features

Decide which features are important to your business. Make sure those features are offered and find out if it costs extra to use them.

Customer Service and Support

Availability and quality are both important to the success of your hosted VoIP phone system. If your system breaks, how long will it take to get back on your feet? You need your provider to be there for you, so you can be there for your customers.

Ease of Setup and Transition

New business phones are a big step for any company. If most of your employees are tech savvy millennials, this may not be a huge deal for you. How easy will it be for your staff to adopt the new system?

Trust the Experts in VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Choosing a VoIP phone service provider is an important step for your business. Take your time, research your options and ask a lot of questions. Of course, VoiceSpring specialists are happy to help. If you have questions or would like more information on hosted VoIP phone systems, please contact us online or call (866) 654-1800 or email info@voicespring.net.