One of the perks of using a hosted VoIP PBX system for business is the plethora of features. VoiceSpring cloud hosted business phone systems include all of the features available on your hosted VoIP phones. We like to keep things simple, so we’ve broken down the list of features we offer into 4 categories:

Customized Automated Call Handling

Auto Attendant

The automated attendant is a virtual answering position. Your “virtual assistant” answers and routes calls to departments, employees and other destinations 24 hours a day.

Dial by Name Directory

Dial by name is a feature of auto attendant which enables your callers to reach specific extension destinations by spelling the name of the person they wish to reach using the alphanumeric buttons on their keypad.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD efficiently distributes incoming calls among a designated group of extensions or agents.  Incoming calls are answered in the order of arrival, then presented to the next available agent.

Night Mode

The night mode redirects calls which come in after business hours to predefined night phone numbers. Send calls to auto attendant, an answering service, or another destination. Set this feature to turn on automatically at closing time or turned on manually each night.

Hold Music & Custom Recordings

Using music on hold is a courteous way to keep customers engaged while they wait. Record and play custom messages, instructions, or ads in between.

Hunt Group

Also known as a call group, this feature distributes an inbound call to a pool of destinations until the call is answered. Extensions that belong to a hunt group can also be arranged into escalating “stages.” Then, each stage rings its member extensions for a preset time period before escalating the call to the next stage.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The fully customizable IVR allows callers to access important information about your company around the clock. These menus may include interactive prompts, such as information about your business, store directions, product descriptions, and more.

Unified Communications

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

The busy lamp field feature visually indicates the status of other extensions on your cloud PBX. A colored icon shows whether other users are busy, idle, or have their phone set to do not disturb.

Call Park

“Park orbits,” allow users to place calls on hold, so they can be retrieved by another extension on your hosted VoIP system.

Call Transfer

This feature allows you to transfer a call to other extensions and destinations. It can be used in two modes:

Attended Transfer Mode allows you to speak in conference mode before completing the transfer. This option is often used to introduce the caller.

Blind Transfer Mode is used to transfer the call without first speaking to the destination.

Call Forwarding

Redirect calls to any destination phone number. Various call forwarding methods are available.

Call Coaching Tools for Sales & Training

Call Barge In

Barge-in allows authorized users to join a call in progress between two other parties. It establishes a three-way conference call between the parties.  

Call Teach

Also known as a “whisper,” this feature allows an authorized user to join a call in progress with only one party knowing. This is a great tool for teaching new employees how to handle calls without the caller’s knowledge.

Call Listen In

This feature allows authorized users to sit in on a call in progress without the other parties’ knowledge.

Call Logs

Call Detail Records (CDR) provide detailed information about each inbound and outbound call. View the time, date, and duration of each call, as well as the caller ID and the recipient.

Call Recording

Call Recording provides an audio record of a telephone call. Choose to initiate recording selectively on-demand or automatically for all calls. Search, listen to, manage, and share recording in your web-based user portal.

Call Tagging

Use the call tagging tool to assign and identify incoming calls to any of your business numbers. Tags visually distinguish incoming calls to various departments, business units, functions, and more.

Outbound Caller ID

Choose the phone number to show on caller ID when placing an outbound call. This is typically your company’s primary listed directory number, but can also be a DID or other alternate number assigned to your account.

Business On The Go

Hosted VoIP User Portal

Our secure, online portal provides access to voicemail messages, call recordings, and feature management, such as call redirection, cell phone alerts, contacts, conferences, extension monitoring, call history and button behavior.


The built-in voice conference feature provides a convenient way to schedule multi-party conferences, so you can send email invitations to participants with the click of a button.

Cell Phone Integration

Extensive cell phone support allows your cell phone to be your primary extension or, if you prefer, an alternate extension of your wired telephone extension.

Email Notification

Receive email notification of new voicemail messages, conference appointment reminders, and missed telephone calls.

Voicemail to Email

Send your voicemail messages to your email inbox as a .wav file attachment.


Broadcast one-way announcements over your hosted VoIP phones’ built-in speakers. Send pages to a specific group of extensions, to all extensions and, with the help of a SIP paging adapter, to external amplifiers and speakers.