• SIP Service page imageIf you have or want VoIP phones for your business or home office, you will need to consider a service provider. At VoiceSpring, we have found implementing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the way to go. SIP technology is used to create, manage and end voice and video calls over the Web. It allows individuals around the world to better communicate using their smart phones, personal computers and other devices over the Internet. It is what enables the VoIP technology to work.


    SIP can be used to set up the following:


    It’s the protocol of choice when you’re mixing several types of media. If you want to reply verbally to an instant message a coworker sent you, you can do that with SIP. If you want to set your status as “Don’t call” so coworkers will text you instead, you can do that with SIP. If you want to set up a videoconference, even if one member just has audio-only capabilities, you can do that with SIP.

    SIP handles it all. It has the versatility and flexibility any company could need. It is the industry standard of our modern age.

    Benefits of SIP


    • Versatility: You can run video, voice and data all on the same IP network connection. 
    • Reduced Costs: Companies that adopted SIP trunking saved on average 33 percent annually in telecommunication costs, according to a 2012 SIP report.
    • Consolidation of networks: SIP makes it easier to connect data centers and eliminate outdated analog trunks servicing your company.

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