• What features to expect from an IP phone


    Traditionally, IP Phones carry the following standard features:

    • LCD Display – With this visual component, you can scroll through your calling contacts, check Caller ID or even set up conference calls. Several IP phones even have touch screen capabilities for the tech-savvy. These IP phone displays can even perform advanced tasks like surfing the Internet or video conferencing, similar to any smartphone.
    • Internet connection ports – Each IP Phone comes equipped with RJ-45 ports, which connect you to the Ethernet, or RJ-11 ports, which will connect you to an ADSL line.VoiceSpring girl on headset image
    • Integrated headset jack – Ever get tired of cradling the phone to your ear while you talk? An IP Phone has a solution for that. It provides a jack for your headset so you don’t have to strain your neck muscles while you work
    • Multiple language settings – Préférez-vous la langue française? ¿Prefiere español ? If you or your business would be more productive using another language, you can change the language settings to put you, your coworkers or your customers at ease.
    • Personal ringtones – If you have special contacts, this is a perfect way to distinguish and prioritize their call without even needing to       glance at the Caller ID on your LCD screen display.
    • Data encryption – Since every IP phone uses the Internet to send its calls, it’s important to have security system in place so your information stays private. Encryption is the best way to secure your data over the Internet.

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