• VoiceSpring offers many different types of phones: Here are a few options

    Corded VoIP Internet Phones

    If you’d like to add a twist to the traditional “office look” with your phone, think about purchasing a corded phone. This type of VoIP Internet phones blend very well into business environments whilst adding that extra pop of sophistication, which comes from having the latest technology. These can perform numerous functions: from sending and receiving text messages, faxes and voicemails to scrolling through your caller contacts, setting up conference calls and displaying your status.

    Conference Phones

    If you have meetings with people who work at home, in another state, or even in another nation, consider getting a conference phone for your business. These types of VoIP Internet phones are sleek and specifically designed for effective communication among several lines. They’re set up with special noise cancellation software, speakerphone capability and multiple-way calling. These are perfect for your company’s executive conference room.


    If you’ve got multiple people in the same space on a call, a speakerphone is the perfect type of phone for you. These VoIP Internet phones are ideal for impromptu conference calls: They are portable and act as a way to transform your laptop or smartphone into an effective conferencing device. If your team is mobile, it’s important to consider having technology that can travel with you.

    Upgrading current phones to VoIP Internet phones

    Maybe you already have phones in your office that people like. Maybe you just want to change the way the calls are sent to maximize on the savings you’ll get from switching from a traditional phone service to a VoIP phone service. An adaptor can upgrade your current technology and save you money.