• Advantages of Using VoIP Phones



    VoIP Phones blend the familiar qualities of a traditional phone with the bold technology of the modern era. The tactile and visual weight of the VoIP Phone’s physical handset offers a formality that’s customary to the office. Meanwhile, the phone’s touch screen and hi-tech options provide a sense of technological proficiency. Using our phones will demonstrate that a company is keeping itself on the cutting edge while preserving that timeless sense of professionalism.




    A modern marvel at the workplace


    In addition to calling another person, VoIP phones use technology that allows you to perform a wide variety of other tasks from all over the world:

    • save caller contacts
    • check your call history
    • make conference calls
    • check your voicemail
    • check emails
    • send and receive text messages
    • send and receive faxes

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