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    Hi. I am Doug Oberlander and I am here to tell you a little bit about us as a company, welcome to the Oberlander family of businesses. As a business innovator, I love bringing great businesses to the Central Illinois community! Many people would say it is not surprising, especially if they know the Oberlander family. Our family has been responsible for many business innovations. As an innovative family many of these businesses are growing and developing in the model that the Oberlander family initially established in the Peoria area.

    The VoiceSpring phone company was formed in 2006 to introduce Voice over Internet phone service into the Peoria marketplace. This introduction moved VoIP from the “bleeding edge” of phone technology into its current position as an “established edge” technology for business phone service. Through the years, we have developed and honed our service offerings and support capabilities to accommodate an ever-expanding customer base and users of our services.

    VoiceSpring phone company is based in Peoria, Illinois — right in the heart of Central Illinois. As an Oberlander company, VoiceSpring can tailor a customized solution, offer an exceptional understanding of your phone service needs, and provide a clear advantage in local service and support