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About Us

A Brief History of VoiceSpring

How It All Began

VoiceSpring started its cloud based communication business in 2006, however we have been in the telecommunications industry since 1976. Back then, we sold traditional phone systems and were a dealer for Tie Communications, Toshiba, and Northern Telecom under the name of Oberlander Communications. Our experience has given us over 40 years in the telephony industry.

We’ve always found it important to make sure the right people were on board. In an effort to do just that, our staff has a combined experience of well over one hundred years of service in the industry as well. Many have been with us for most or all of their time.

Portrait of VoiceSpring President, Doug Oberlander

A Step Ahead

In 2004 we realized that there would be a paradigm shift in the communications industry. Due to the internet and the advent of digital communication in the phone service world, we saw the future of communications would be in the cloud. Hence, VoiceSpring was born.

In September 2006, Doug Oberlander, the founder of VoiceSpring, made a few bold predictions as to where the VoIP industry was headed. Most of these insights have since come to pass.

Read the article here: Doug Oberlander’s Business Profile in Peoria Magazine

A Change for the Better

In 2006 we began deploying VoIP and hosted telephone solutions. To date we have developed and implemented hundreds of systems for our customers. Currently we have several thousand “seats” in operation. Whether they were completely “in the cloud” or using their current phone systems with us providing SIP trunking (analog telephone service,) they saw a dramatic improvement in their communications as well as a huge savings over traditional copper telephone line service.

Who We Are Today

Industry Leaders

VoiceSpring stands unparalleled in an industry brimming with VoIP phone companies and other business telephone service providers. We set ourselves apart from the competition with innovative technology, advanced architecture and affordable packages that are well suited for both small and large scale businesses. Switching to VoiceSpring is a simple, cost effective solution that will benefit your company from day one and for many years to come.

With You Every Step of the Way

Our dedicated staff will make sure your transition is fast and easy. We work with you on every aspect of your communication infrastructure, from choosing the right phones to making the first call on your new system.

All technicians and support staff work for VoiceSpring. We do not use third-party call centers or help desks. We train our team members to provide the highest standard of care possible, so our customers consistently receive the greatest possible customer service. We are always there for you when you need us!

Passionate About Our Work

Above all else, we love what we do! Providing top notch service, support, and training is a way of life for us. We strongly believe that success is determined by the satisfaction of our customers. We are extremely proud of cementing ourselves as a trustworthy business phone service provider across the US.

Ready to Meet You Where You Are

The sole purpose of implementing and designing VoIP solutions is to provide modern businesses with the right tools to conduct efficient coordination and communication. Business communication is indeed the key to sustainable growth and expansion. Our state-of-the-art architecture and convenient VoIP solutions will equip your business with the tools you need to grow.

Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems

Fully managed, cloud based phone systems are our bread and butter. We offer enterprise grade service and support to all businesses, regardless of size. Our plans and process are simple:

  • First, we will assess how many users, or seats, you need, based on the number of locations, employees, and carry-over equipment you have.
  • Next, our experts will help you select the right phones for your business needs.
  • Then, we’ll factor in extras, such as e911, eFax, and 800 numbers.
  • Lastly, after you decide whether to lease or purchase your new phone system, we’ll tell you how much money we can save for your business.

VoIP Phone Line Service

We convert existing PBX systems away from POTS lines, so our customers can enjoy the perks of VoIP without adopting a new business telephone system. In this aspect, we function as your competitive local exchange provider, saving your business quite a bit on phone service compared to local business phone companies.

SIP Trunking Subscriptions

As a company that values the security and privacy of our customers, we understand some may prefer to manage their system in-house. As such, we’ve developed a plan that allows our customers to do just that. All this while taking advantage of the security and reliability of our redundant cloud infrastructure.

Let’s Get Started!

Call (866) 654-1800 today to experience the reason we state our company motto, “Business Phone Service the Way It Should Be!” with such confidence. We look forward to hearing from you soon.