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Front and top angle views of Bluetooth dongle

Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Yealink BT40 Bluetooth Headset Dongle The Yealink BT40 adds Bluetooth connectivity to your VoIP business phone, so you can continue to take incoming calls from your compatible Bluetooth headset or earpiece while you are away from your desk. Range of up to 32 ft Built-in security Low power consumption Adjust volume through Bluetooth headset or […]

Wireless headset adapter with extension port

Wireless Headset Adapter

Yealink EHS36 Plug N’ Play Adapter The EHS36 adds wireless connectivity to your Yealink VoIP desk phone, so you can take calls from a compatible wireless headset while you take care of business around the office. Connects to the extension port on your VoIP phone Remote call answering and termination

Aerial view of Grandstream telephone adapter on plain background

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

Powerful Gateway for Analog to VoIP Conversion Premium SIP ATA technology brought to you from Grandstream, a well known industry leader. This VoIP powerhouse supports popular IP telephony features, such as caller ID, call waiting, do not disturb, 3-way conferencing, and much more. You can feel confident knowing your company will benefit from the following […]

Front right aerial view of SIP paging adapter

SIP Paging Adapter (SPA)

Industry Leading VoIP Endpoint for Paging System Integration Interfaces analog paging systems with SIP and multicast-based audio sources. 2 configurable SIP extensions – one passes audio through to analog output from the caller’s handset and the other plays a bell tone which can be used as a ringer in a night ring group. Line-in input […]

Expansion Module

Expand VoIP Phone Capabilities & Supercharge Productivity 4.3″ 272 x 480-pixel color screen Color icons for rich visual experience 20 physical keys on each page with dual-color LEDs Three independent control keys with illuminated LED for fast switching pages Supports up to 3 modules daisy-chain Stand with 2 adjustable angles