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Basic Office Phone

A Dynamic Office Phone

For Progressive Communication & Integration

The Yealink SIP-T53W features a user-friendly interface and professional appearance, making it a valuable communications solution for businesses of all sizes. HD Voice and Gigabit Ethernet deliver clean, crystal clear audio to your headset and speaker, making this business phone a top choice for professional sound quality and clarity. Likewise, the T53W is compatible with a large variety of headsets, for increased comfort and mobility. All in all, this dynamic VoIP phone is a great way for companies to enjoy the advantages of hosted cloud phone service without overwhelming the communications budget.

Rectangle around two arrows pointing to top left and bottom right corners

2.7" Graphical LCD

12 lines extruding from large circle and ending in a small circle

Up to 12 Lines

3 buttons with icons to the left of each. Icons are a person, phone and arrow pointing backwards

15 Memory Keys (3 Pages of 5)

Letters HD meaning high definition with circular array of dots in top right corner

HD Audio

Ear with 5 dots leading into it and creating a signal on the other side

Hearing Aid Compatible

Battery behind top right of circle containing recycling symbol of three arrows creating a triangle

Power Saving

Key Features & Benefits of T53W Desk Phones

HD Audio Experience

Yealink Optima HD Voice technology combines cutting-edge hardware and software with wideband technology to ensure the user receives optimal acoustic performance. Hearing aid compatibility (HAC) assists people with hearing loss by reducing hearing aid interference and enabling them to better hear audio through the handset.

Easy Customization and High Expandability

The SIP-T53W is a powerful and expandable office phone which comes equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features. It also has three pages of flexible buttons which can be programmed with up to 15 paperless DSS keys.

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