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Conference Phone

An Impressive HD Conference Phone

With a Sleek, Touch Sensitive Design

The Yealink CP20 is a revolutionary conference room phone with a unique suite of features to keep your company a cut above the rest. This world-class conference room offers a fully optimized audio experience for all participants, including 360 degree voice pickup, background noise suppression and HD Voice technology. Professionally designed with an intuitive touch pad and vast pairing capabilities, the CP920 conference phone is sure to impress clients and vendors, whether on-site or joining in remotely.

Yealink CP920 model conference room phone
Letters HD meaning high definition with circular array of dots in top right corner

Full Duplex
HD Audio

Noise proof

Noise Proof Technology

360 with degree symbol to upper right and arrow circling it

20ft 360 Degree Voice Pickup


Hybrid UC Meeting

Hand with finger touching open circle

Touch Sensitive Keypad

Bluetooth B symbol to left of wifi waves

Built-In Wifi & Bluetooth

Key Features & Benefits of CP920 Conference Room Phones

Sensitive Touch, Elegant Control

This Y-shape phone released from Yealink, representing the first letter Y of Yealink, owns a sensitive touch keypad which provides keypad noise cancellation and facilitates your conference room experience by putting all of the key conferencing functions at your fingertips.

Superior Audio Quality

The Yealink CP920 conference phone, with the use of Yealink Noise Proof Technology, unburdens business conversations by reducing annoying noise and minimizing distractions to set a new standard for audio experiences. Thanks to its built-in 3-microphone array, CP920 provides 360-degree voice pickup within a 20-foot radius, as if all participants are sitting across the table from each other.

Hybrid UC Meeting

With Yealink CP920, up to five parties can join a conference call from different locations, helping your company cut costs and save time. Pairing Yealink CP920 with your smartphone, PC or tablet via Bluetooth allows you to turn the Yealink CP920 into a loudspeaker or microphone with ease. In addition, you can merge your smart device, SIP call and PSTN call into one hybrid UC meeting.

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