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In December of 2017, I relocated my two businesses to a new single location. There were many challenges networking two existing and separate businesses into a well functioning and integrated workplace. VoiceSpring was fantastic at walking our management team and myself through the conversion process. They provided comprehensive training on the system and its features that has proven to be well utilized. The planning and continued support by the VoiceSpring team has been one of the most pleasant and appreciated experiences in transitioning to our new business location. I will continue to recommend VoiceSpring to anyone in business.

- Jeremy Lowrance
S. F. Pauli Builders Inc. & Rustic Oaks Lawn & Grounds

“We are very pleased with our voice service from VoiceSpring. Our organization (EP!C) supports individuals with developmental disabilities, so it is important to us to make every dollar count. VoiceSpring understands and cares about the financial barriers of a non-profit and provided us with a quality phone system that works well. They not only have quality products, but also provide us with continual support to ensure the phone system meets the needs of our organization. When systematic problems do occur, VoiceSpring is very timely in their follow-up. It is an added bonus that VoiceSpring shares EP!C’s passion for giving back to the community. We have been very pleased with our experience with VoiceSpring’s product and service!”

- Eric Sutter, Senior Vice President of HR
EP!C of Central Illinois

“Two Men and a Truck has been using VoiceSpring hosted service since we opened our office in Peoria in 2011. Since that time, we have linked all our phone systems together including the Quad Cities and Rockford locations. We have over 20 hosted phones and we have been able to share lines, cut down overhead assure quality assurance and book jobs for any location. We are very pleased with the quality of service and the support team is very responsive and does an excellent job. I would highly recommend VoiceSpring!”

- Greg Micklos, General Manager
Two Men and a Truck

“I am the receptionist and answer the calls that come to our ministry administration and to the Rescue Mission. I have a Snom 320 phone with Voice Springs and with all of the connections to our employees and to all of our mission divisions located throughout the city. I’m grateful for the easy access to each as it makes my job quick to place calls to each. When I need service, the Voice Spring team has been very helpful in responding to fix any problems that might occur. Not only do they fix the problem, they return a call to me and make sure all is in working order. Thank you VoiceSpring for your thoughtfulness and quick response in making my job pleasant.”

- Char Tucker
Peoria Rescue Ministries

“DAXCON/Infotech has been using VoiceSpring hosted phone service since 2009. We have VoiceSpring deployed at 4 locations, Peoria and Bartonville, Illinois, Southfield, Michigan and St. Louis, Missouri. In these locations, we have 94 hosted phones. We are very pleased with the quality of the service and the support team is very responsive and does an excellent job. I would highly recommend the VoiceSpring Hosted Solution.”

- Daniel Crow
Infotech Enterprises America Inc.

“Sunrise Supply had tried other VoIP phone carriers before and was not happy with the quality of phone service. VoiceSpring not only gave us good phone service, but they also gave us new telephones and saved us a large amount over our AT&T phone bill. Thank you VoiceSpring!”

- David Blundy
Sunrise Supply

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how wonderful your company is to deal with. We have been using VoiceSpring for a little over a year now, and it has been a seamless transition from using our old phone service. Everything that I was promised in quality and service has been above and beyond what I expected. I never realized how much the cost of our old service was eating into our bottom line, not just in the cost per line but all the other miscellaneous charges they tacked on to the bill for our services we had no use for. Installation of VoiceSpring equipment was very clean and professionally done. Support did not stop after installation of the new service, in the year we have had your service, I have had to call only once about a problem. It was after hours and the customer support was to be commended on their quick response to my needs, even though the problem had nothing to do with the equipment from your company. If anyone is looking to cut cost, do not be afraid to give VoiceSpring the opportunity to serve you, they take pride in all aspects of the business and will not disappoint you.”

- Mark Wrhel
Haddad's West Peoria Market

Great Company. We opted to go with VoiceSpring over national service providers for serviceability. Our implementation required a lot of upfront leg work and the technicians were more than accommodating at getting our solution to work as we needed it to. We have been with them for approximately 6 months and have had no issues. Phones work and have good sound quality. Thanks Voice Spring for a solution that just works!

- Brandon Kay

Perfect startup, excellent tech support! Quick response for changes.

- Terry Beachler
Beachler’s Automotive

Excellent equipment, excellent service!! Lots of features included in the regular price. We especially like voicemail to email with an audio file. We are also very pleased with their live operator answering service!! The only drawback, which you have with all VoIP phone systems, is when the internet goes down, so does the phones; which happens very rarely. That is very minor compared to the reliability of the phones and the people supporting you.

- William Syrcle

There is a learning curve to the system, and there has not been any technical difficulties with the system. There are a lot of features that I truly enjoy about the system. The most important feature for me is the transfer to cell phones immediately if there is a phone outage. The support is excellent, and I love working with the staff at VoiceSpring.

- Holly Keith-Camp
Roy Keith Electric

We have been using VoiceSpring for about 2 years at Nixon Insurance. We have been happy with the additional features to our voice and fax system as well as the customer service received!

- Megan Swan
Nixon Insurance

My company has been with them since their early days. Some bumps along the road early on but have no problems anymore. Great customer service and great call quality. Couldn't be happier with them as my phone provider.

- Jeff Feldman
Prospect Florist

Excellent company. The system is so easy to use, and friendly customer service will answer even the strange questions with a happy response.

- Janet Vallianatos
Dale Carnegie Training of Greater Illinois, Inc.

We are very pleased with the new phone system. The support staff and office staff have always been excellent. Thanks for the "easy" transition from 38 years plus as landline customers. I also like the transfer to cell phone feature if an outage occurs. Thanks, VoiceSpring!

- Tammy Meischner
Liberty Termite and Pest Control

Great to work with! We have been using this company since we opened in early 2011. Great customer service.

- Adrienne Schell
Armstrong Heating and Cooling

My Company has used VoiceSpring for going on 3 years and we could not be happier. I have worked in IT for 15+ years and the new hosted phone system along with the $150 a month savings and the support they provide us with is far superior to what we were getting from one of your top 3 phone companies. When calling in or placing a service ticket we are serviced quickly and by someone local and in there office not a call center that is out sourced to some 3rd world country. I have worked with the same techs for the last 3 years and these guys know what they are doing when it comes to phones and networks. They are worth looking at if you are upgrading your old phone system or want a phone system that is very current with the times. Also, as an additional note they also include all future upgrades & warranty for as long as you have their system not yearly maintenance contracts or hidden fees.

- Jason D.