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Standard Office Phone

A Cutting Edge Business Phone

Designed for Superior Quality & Efficiency

The Yealink SIP-T54W is a high-performance office phone, designed for business professionals. Its elegant design and convenient user interface amplify functionality to create an industry-leading communications experience. Extensive customization options, such as programmable keys, to streamline communications and increase productivity. The T54W integrates technologies, such as HD Voice, Gigabit Ethernet and wireless accessories to boost connectivity and provide exceptional clarity on every call. Lastly, because VoiceSpring was founded on simplicity, installation and setup is quick and easy.

Letters HD meaning high definition with circular array of dots in top right corner

Optima HD Voice

Rectangle around two arrows pointing to top left and bottom right corners

4.3" Color LCD

16 lines extruding from large circle and ending in a small circle

Up to 16 Lines

3 buttons with icons to the left of each. Icons are a person, phone and arrow pointing backwards

27 Memory Keys (3 Pages of 9)

Ear with 5 dots leading into it and creating a signal on the other side

Hearing Aid Compatible

Battery behind top right of circle containing recycling symbol of three arrows creating a triangle

Power Saving

Key Features & Benefits of T54W Office Phones

Easy Customization and Integration

The SIP-T54W comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which will be used to connect your hosted cloud phone service. A built-in USB 2.0 port can also be used for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording. The SIP-T46S supports up to six EXP40 Expansion Modules, enabling up to 240 additional buttons with a screen-based LCD display and LED system. Plus, it has three pages of buttons which can be programmed with up to 27 paperless DSS keys.

Secure & Reliable

The SIP-T54W uses the latest network security technology and VoiceSpring's advanced firewall configuration ensure your business communications are handled in a safe and secure manner, without sacrificing service quality or call clarity.

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