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Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

Powerful Gateway for Analog to VoIP Conversion

Premium SIP ATA technology brought to you from Grandstream, a well known industry leader. This VoIP powerhouse supports popular IP telephony features, such as caller ID, call waiting, do not disturb, 3-way conferencing, and much more. You can feel confident knowing your company will benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Wideband HD codec for outstanding voice quality
  • Advanced security protection and encryption
  • 2 SIP profiles with 4 or 8 FXS ports
  • Dual Gigabit network ports
  • Outstanding network performance
Aerial view of Grandstream telephone adapter on plain background

Secure & Encrypted

What is AES?

Advanced Encryption Standard is a symmetric key algorithm used to encipher private information in hardware and software. AES is the successor to DES, or Data Encryption Standard, which began to fall victim to cyber attacks in the mid-90’s. This advanced method of encryption was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

An Extra Layer of Security

Each unit is equipped with its own SIP TLS certificate, so your sensitive data can be protected under both a private key and password.

Does My Business Need to Use an ATA?

What Does an ATA Do?

An ATA bridges the gap between a VoIP network and premise based equipment at a business.

Types of On Premise Equipment

Here are some examples of equipment that may require an ATA to work properly with a VoIP phone system:

  • Analog PBX systems
  • Fax machines
  • Burglar alarms
  • Elevator alarms
  • Credit card processors

Grandstream is Taking the Market by Storm

Grandstream has manufactured and distributed unified communications products since 2002. Known for their award winning SIP solutions, Grandstream’s success is backed by millions of successful unit deployments across the globe. Their products are marked by truly innovative design, with the highest level of quality and reliability.

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