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Entry Level Phone

An Affordable, Entry Level VoIP Desk Phone

With Enhanced Connectivity & Reliability

The Yealink SIP-T21P E2 is an entry-level VoIP phone, which allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of hosted service, while respecting a limited budget. Supports all major features and functionalities, including premium sound quality, multiple VoIP lines and customizable system preferences. Simplicity, security make the T21P a high-value business communications tool for growing businesses of all sizes.

Yealink T21P E2 model phone
Rectangle around two arrows pointing to top left and bottom right corners

2.3" Graphical LCD

2 lines extruding from large circle and ending in a small circle

2 Lines

3 buttons with icons to the left of each. Icons are a person, phone and arrow pointing backwards

2 Memory Keys

Letters HD meaning high definition with circular array of dots in top right corner

HD Voice

Three connected circles with silhouettes of people inside

3-Way Conferencing

Green circle on top and white circle on bottom

Dual Color Buttons

Key Features & Benefits of T21P E2 Desk Phones

Enhanced Call Management

The SIP-T21P E2 supports vast productivity-enhancing feature such as XML Browser, call park, call pickup, BLF, call forward, call transfer, 3-way conference. Which make it the natural and obvious efficiency tool for today’s busy small and large offices environment.

HD Audio

Yealink HD Voice refers to the combination of software and hardware design as well as the implementation of wideband technology to maximize acoustic performance. Coupled with advanced acoustic clarity technology such as full duplex, echo cancellation, adaptive jitter buffer, and more, the T21P E2 provides clearer, more lifelike voice communications.

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