Aerial view of six employees in a business meeting to compare landline service to VoIP service

The Truth Is

Let’s get right down to business. After all, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Is VoIP the best choice for your business? Yes. However, as a strong leader, “that’s just the way it is” is not an acceptable answer. So, here are a few reasons why.

Is VoIP Better Than PSTN?

We’ve found the fact speak for themselves on this one. Let’s compare cloud phone systems to landlines on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Here are a few reasons why VoIP is better than traditional phone services:

  • Traditional landline phones require you to put up thousands of dollars to equip and install. However, the cloud does not require any hardware or messy wires.
  • Conventional phones require hundreds of dollars for challenging implementations, which require a technician. On the other hand, an internet based phone system can be installed quickly and used right out of the box, with very little effort.
  • You don’t have to sign any contracts or paperwork for a cloud based phone system. However, a landline provider requires extensive contracts, often including fees to cancel early.
  • Landlines require regular updates, which can cost hundreds of dollars for new hardware and tech services. The cloud is always evolving. New upgrades are free and most business VoIP providers install them on your system without any work on your end.
  • VoiceSpring’s cloud hosted VoIP phone systems come with free 24/7 customer support services and system management. Our affordable plans are custom fit to the needs of your business. However, landline service requires lengthy request procedures for support, service changes and maintenance.

Do You Need a Landline for VoIP?

No. However, we find some outdated equipment such as fax machines, do not work as well as internet based phone systems do with VoIP. The reason for this is that these systems still rely on old technology. As the old saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

In this case, we suggest using our eFax service. If that is not an option, the next best is to keep a line with your local phone company.

Business woman smiling on phone, happy to learn she can replace commercial landlines with a VoIP phone system

Can I Replace Landlines With a Voice Over IP System?

Ideally, yes. Of course, there are some scenarios where you may be better off to keep a line, as mentioned above. For the most part though, our customers are able to make a full transition to internet based phone systems in one of two ways:

  1. VoIP Phone Line Service allows you to keep your current IP PBX system. Then, we use an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to convert your VoIP voice signals back to plain old telephone service (POTS), which connects you to the outside world.
  2. Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems are a premium voice over IP solution, which allow you to lease a top quality PBX system with cloud phone service for as low as $15.95/month. We have saved many businesses a lot of money, time, and stress this way, so it’s definitely worth checking out.