Managed cloud PBX solutions from leading business VoIP providers.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for “voice over internet protocol.” Simply put, it is the method used to move live voice data across the internet. This allows IP networks to deliver voice calls, so VoIP phones can be used like landline phones. Since VoIP is proven to save time and money, most companies have decided to make the switch.

Voice Sound Wave

How Has VoIP Improved Business Communications?

Though VoIP was first sold as a B2C product, it did not take long to make its way into the business world. Quickly began to replace standard lines, it has grown to be the go-to option for business telecom needs. Now, more companies than ever see the benefits of voice over internet phone systems.

As VoIP evolves, business VoIP providers continue to advance and adapt as well. New features and settings continue to add value to an already impressive service. When you add that to huge cost savings and a fast ROI, the impact VoIP has had on business is unmatched by far.

Why VoiceSpring is the Top VoIP Provider for Business

Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Business

We want your business to grow, so we do our best to support that. We can transfer your current phone numbers and add new toll free numbers. It’s easy as pie to add, move and remove service. Our systems have call coaching tools which can be used to help increase sales and improve customer service. You can even take it with you throughout the office and on the go. The possibilities are endless!

Simple, All-Inclusive Hosted VoIP Plans

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that simplicity is key. That’s why our cloud hosted business phone systems come equipped with all the bells and whistles for one low monthly price. There are no surprise fees to use what you’ve already paid for.

Easy to Set Up and Adapt

Our plug and play VoIP phone systems are setup and shipped to your office. Once they arrive, all you need to do is plug them in. Then, you can easily order new phones or service as your business needs change.

24/7 Support and System Monitoring

Our expert support staff are on call to address your needs any time of the day. Thanks to our efficient ticket system, most issues are resolved in less than 24 hours. In addition to handling inbound service calls, we keep an eye on your system all year round to stay ahead of service issues. This is known as QoS, or Quality of Service, and VoiceSpring is one of the few companies who do it.

Flexible On the Go Integration

Business Man Using Mobile Integration to Talk on Cell Phone While Crossing Bridge

Use our USB headset adapters to receive Bluetooth or wireless calls while you go about your day. Extensive cell phone support allows your cell phone to be your primary extension. If you prefer, we can even ring your office and mobile phones at the same time.

Of course, we also offer a few tools to make it easier to keep track of calls and appointments while you’re away. Some of these include:

  • Mobile integration
  • Voicemail to email
  • Email notifications
  • Conference scheduling
  • Call forward

Expect More When You Choose VoiceSpring

Great Business Phone Service Starts With a Partner

At VoiceSpring, we’re more than just business VoIP providers. We are your partner. Because we know you have a business to run, we manage your PBX system for you. Whether you need to change your call routing settings or add a new recording to your auto attendant, we are here to help. Our cloud phone service includes this free of charge, so you don’t pay extra for peace of mind.

Automated Call Handling

Give your customers a positive journey to the right department. Just use auto attendant to manage your incoming calls. After hours, use night mode to route your calls with a new set of rules. If you just want to make sure the call is answered, you can use our hunt group feature to send the call to each available line until someone picks up.

Global VoIP Phone Service

Of course, there is no limit on local and long distance calls. However, we offer very low rates to make calls around the world as well. Best of all, we can set up virtual extensions, so you can make local calls between offices anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, your system must be based in the US.

Tools for Training and Monitoring

Poor call handling is one of the top reasons businesses fail. With VoiceSpring, you can authorize users to oversee and manage calls using these valuable call coaching features:

  • Listen In: Listen to an active call without the other parties’ knowledge.
  • Barge In: Join an active call between two other parties.
  • Teach: Join a call in progress with only one party knowing. This is a great way to train new employees on how to handle calls without the caller’s knowledge.
  • Recording: Automatically record all calls or manually choose which calls to record.
  • Logs: Sign in to your user portal to search, review, send, or download audio files.
  • Tagging: Assign and identify incoming calls to any of your numbers.

At the end of the day, all roads point to hosted VoIP phone systems. Of course, VoiceSpring is here to make your transition as fast and easy as possible. If you have questions or would like more information, please call us at (866) 654-1800, email or submit a contact request online.