Make work calls anywhere! Over the past 9 months we have watched our workforce morph into a more agile and mobile group of people. COVID-19, while being a major pain to almost every industry, has completely changed the look of our offices. Instead of looking over the walls of a cubicle, we now look out our kitchen windows. Is this good for business? Only time will tell.

Regardless of which window you look out or whether your laptop is on a desk or at the kitchen counter, you still need a way to communicate. There is an unending litany of phone/communication companies out there screaming “Pick me! Pick me!” How do you choose?

Well, it’s time to look at a few things.

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. Is it easy to set up and manage, or do I need technical staff for this?
  3. Is it portable?
  4. Who do I use?

How much will it cost?

While cost is certainly a major factor in every technology purchase, don’t be fooled by the hype! There are many companies out there that advertise the best price. While it may look ok on the surface, we need to look at the overall cost of ownership. This includes things such as continued maintenance, time spent managing the system, actual purchase cost, and monthly recurring fees. We at VoiceSpring will do a full cost analysis to help you see the total cost of ownership and what your ROI (return on investment) will actually be. While we may not always be the cheapest, we can typically save the average company 20% or more over our competitors.

Is it easy to set up and manage, or do I need technical staff for this?

While you may need some technical staff to assist in the initial planning and setup, you will not need any afterwards. Each network is as unique as your business is. The complexity of your network will determine the level of involvement required of your IT staff. Once installed, VoiceSpring will maintain your telephone system for you at no additional cost. This is already included in VoiceSpring’s already low monthly cost.

Is it portable?

With VoiceSpring there are many ways you can go “portable.” You will no longer be “tied” to your desk. Whether you use a VPN phone, an app on your cellphone, or a softphone on your pc, VoiceSpring makes it easy to work from anywhere. The only question is “What is the best solution for you?” Make work calls anywhere!

Who do I use?

If you have taken the time to read this far, you are obviously interested in what a VoIP telephone system has to offer you. While we may not be the perfect solution for everyone, VoiceSpring’s robust platform is going to wow most customers. Keeping cost in mind, while consistently outperforming our competitors, VoiceSpring is worth a look. We would love the opportunity to take the journey to VoIP communication with you!