Internet phone service is the ultimate solution to address all your communication needs in an all-in-one package. Imagine an efficient and innovative communication system which ensures that no message is lost, and allows greater accessibility to advanced communication tools. Isn’t that what all businesses want? At VoiceSpring, we believe internet phone service will allow you to enhance connectivity, both internal and external, so your business can grow and flourish at the right pace.

Internet Based Phone Systems Are a Thing of the Present

At VoiceSpring, we understand that modern day businesses want to innovate and adopt the newest tech tools on the market. In competitive global and local markets, the internet is without a doubt the unifying force that allows us to conduct business, communicate, coordinate and engage without facing many of the major challenges of the past. Because of this, VoIP market stats indicate an internet based phone system is no longer a luxury, as it once was. It is in fact, a necessity.

Business Man Holding Tablet with Virtual World Covered by Umbrella of Connected Dots

United Under One Umbrella

The most dynamic benefit of internet based phone systems are that they allow you to stay connected with all your employees, networking partners and customers using one phone system. In short, VoIP is both a modern and advanced solution for businesses and entrepreneurs who are daring enough to set the curve.

Since the services and features are provided through the internet, the team can freely and conveniently communicate, regardless of whether they work from home, or are appointed in different offices. It works wonders at ensuring efficient coordination, and it allows you and your employees to direct your valuable time and energy where it needs to be.

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An internet based phone system is just what your business needs to create a dynamic competitive edge for your brand and set yourself apart in the industry. Powered by the internet, VoiceSpring’s superior quality voice over IP phone systems are sure to impress your customers, business affiliates and others. They open the door for your business to establish an image of quality, integrity and expertise.

Plenty of Perks to Go Around

Easy to Set Up and Use

Tele-install is highly convenient and easy to understand. Your cloud based phone system arrives with custom settings to make sure that all you have to do to start is connect a few cords. Plus, it also comes with free number porting. Now, that’s a big deal!

No Strings Attached

Our internet phone service is plain and simple. You don’t have to sign any software or maintenance contracts and your monthly seat price accounts for all your expenses. Best of all, that price will not change. We do not use intro offers or sign up scams, so your low monthly rate will stay the same as when you sign up.

Make as Many Calls as You Need To

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about local and long-distance calls across the US and Canada, and our rates for international calls are also strikingly affordable.

Scale and Grow at Your Own Pace

Our efficient scaling process is dictated by powerful service agreements, allowing you to scale the services to fit your needs. 

Quality Calls Every Time

Our superior quality service delivers HD voice calls with a crystal clear sound that doesn’t jitter for as much as a nanosecond. With our internet based phone systems, you and your business experience the highest voice clarity with every single call, be it local, long distance, or international.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VoIP Work if Internet is Down?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. That means your phone system requires an internet connection to transmit voice data. If your internet goes down, we suggest you contact your internet service provider (ISP) for help. However, this leads us to our next tidbit.

How Reliable is VoIP?

One of the best features of VoIP service is that you can route your calls to a new number if there is an internet outage. A good VoIP provider will set this up for you ahead of time, so your business does not lose calls if an outage occurs.

How Are VoIP Calls Routed?

The practices used to make VoIP telephone calls is powered with channel set-up, digitization and encoding. However, instead of using a circuit switched network, VoIP telephone calls are powered with IP packets. IP packets contain digital information. VoIP uses packet switching to transmit your data.

What is a Codec?

Multiple codecs power the digital system carrying your voice and data. They optimize the media stream to work with your network. Codecs also secure your system against hacking, data theft or other unauthorized interference.

Is SIP Trunking the Same as VoIP?

Not quite. In a way, this is a trick question. SIP, which is short for Session Initiation Protocol, is one of many kinds of VoIP deployment. However, while all SIP is a VoIP, not all VoIP is SIP.

Visit our page on SIP Trunking to learn more.

Choosing the Right VoIP Phone Company

A Cut Above the Rest

VoiceSpring’s innovative voice over IP solutions are packed with quality. You may notice we only have a small selection of VoIP phones. That is because we test and inspect all of our products before we decide whether or not to sell them to our customers. Once we’ve done that, we retest. Needless to say, we want to be sure we only give our clients the best of the best.

Values That Speak Volumes

Our upfront price structure ensures an honest, transparent transaction. It is these values which have placed us among the top business VoIP providers in the nation. We help businesses achieve new horizons of communication and advancement with top tier cloud based phone systems for business. That is our passion.

Three Business People Smiling at Lower Phone Bill

Get More for a Lower Price

Our low price includes quite a few perks you won’t find with other VoIP phone companies. Of course, we provide a quality hosted voice connection for each line. However, unlike most internet phone service providers, we also manage your IP PBX. That means our support team makes changes to your features and functions, along with training your staff and taking care of all your maintenance needs.

We package our internet based phone systems and service for your convenience, including all the functions, service, and support you will need. That way, you know what you are buying from the start.

Finally, a VoIP Provider You Can Count On

There are no tricks, surprise fees, or added charges. It may seem hard to believe, but that’s the way it is. Our customers attest to it as well. Just take a look at some of their reviews!

At this point, we hope to have been able to help you see the value of VoIP for your business. Of course, if you have questions or are ready to move forward, please call (866) 654-1800. We also offer a convenient 30 Second Quote tool, so you can get an idea of what your new internet based phone system will cost before you speak with an associate.